Cancellation/ Prepayment
Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to peak and non peak season. Please check what conditions may apply to each option when making your selection and call (575) 377. 2811 if you have any questions.

As we are a small independent business, cancellations affect us greatly.
Therefore, all cancellations are subject to a minimum one night room cancellation fee and are treated as follows:
•    non peak days 7 full days prior to arrival date. Refund of deposit
- Peak days 30 full days prior to arrival date, Refund of deposit.
•    A 30 day cancellation applies to all holidays, months of May - September and from mid December through March 15th.

EXCEPTION:  Christmas and New Year weeks are paid in full, in advance, and are nonrefundable. Please be sure to acquire trip insurance in the event of unexpected illness, death or weather related emergencies as we are not able to make an exception to this policy. Additional policies apply to group reservations of three or more rooms. You will receive any refund due within 30 days.